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Polymer type LLD PE

Total Petrochemicals, the producer of Total LLDPE C4 (Linear Low Density Butene), is one of the leading petrochemicals companies, and cooperates with RESINEX in most of East-European countries.

TOTAL started regular commercial sales of Butene Linear Low Density Polyethylene (C4-LLDPE) in Europe in 2010. Produced on the Qatofin world-scale production line in Mesaieed Qatar, the C4-LLDPE product range consists of grades of various melt index (MI2 = 1 and 2 dg/min) with various additive packages.

TOTAL ethylene-butene copolymers are produced in gas phase reactors and are designed for most film lines and applications such as industrial, food or hygiene, collation or shrink films. They can also be used for Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) or heavy duty sacks. It can advantageously be blended with Low Density PE (LDPE) or other PE resins used in blown film mono extrusion or coextrusion to improve film properties and economics.