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PPA Rilsan® HT: A New High Temperature Polyamide to Replace Metal

Producer: Arkema
Polymer type PPA

Rilsan® HT is an entirely new polyphtalamide (PPA)-based high-temperature material of vegetable origin.

Rilsan® HT is the first flexible PPA to replace metal in tubing for HT automotive applications which extends metal substitution to yet unimagined possibilities for automotive, power train and other demanding industrial applications.

General info

Long term high-temperature and chemical resistance

Rilsan® HT surpasses other HT thermoplastics with superior long-term resistance to thermo-oxidative and chemical aging at high temperatures.


Rilsan® HT is the first flexible PPA to replace metal in tubing.


Rilsan® HT is the only PPA-based resin that offers processing characteristics similar to aliphatic PA, offers easy and cost-efficient manufacturing, lowers the overall system costs and features high design flexibility.

Integrity of mechanical properties at high temperatures


Rilsan® HT is the only PPA-based material being spin-weldable on aliphatic PA.

Conductive injection grade

Rilsan® HT is the only conductive PPA injection resin that perfectly balances high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties with conductivity.


Rilsan® HT fits perfectly into eco-design concepts.


Rilsan® HT portfolio includes:

  • 2 extrusion grades: CESV P010 TL and CESV P010 TL-HP. Typical applications: EGR tubing, blow by tubing, oil transport and cooling tubing.
  • 2 injection grades: CZM 30 TLD (30% glass fibre) and CSR13 (13% carbon fibre). Main applications are quick connectors for flex fuel and power train applications.