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Producer: Dow
Polymer type LLD PE

Strength, Stiffness, Toughness, Durability, Processability, Sustainability, Blendability … These are essential characteristics essential to today’s packaging applications. These are the very properties of the innate DNA comprising Dow’s new family of precision packaging resins.

Patented molecular catalysts coupled with advanced process technology were developed to address the needs of the specialty pacakaging applications where INNATE can help deliver lighter, stronger, and more durable packaging films. INNATE™ resins can enhance formulations in food packaging; industrial packaging, heavy-duty shipping sacks (HDSS) and pallet containment, silage wrap, specialty packaging and even more – like components for artificial turf.

General info

INNATETM resins offer:

  • Abuse and abrasion resistance 
  • Down-gauging potential up to 25 % while achieving similar or improved toughness (structure dependent) 
  • Excellent durability for package and product protection 
  • Film stiffness needed for efficient filling, displaying, and storing of packages eg stand-up pouches 
  • Film toughness for enhanced package optimization – even at refrigeration and frozen temperatures 
  • Superb processability – alone or in blends 
  • Toughness with excellent flex crack resistance – for liquid packaging

Regardless of the kind and size of an application, the important partnership of RESINEX, DOW and you as the Customer will provide the most economical, most sustainable, most profitable and best performing solution in your country, your market and in your application.


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